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Dips/ Drops/ Leans and Seducer Workshop 

Sunday 14th October 1pm - 4pm 

The Harold Club, New Works Road, Bradford, BD12 0UD 

Please Note .. this workshop will require a basic level of fitness in Back / Hip and Knees .. (ask before booking if unsure)

learn how to safely include leans, dips and drops into your dance.

The workshop will be gender balance and we will rotate but if you would prefer to fix with your partner that is absolutely fine 

£20 per perspn (£25 if joining us for our CurlyWurlySunday social afterwards) 

£20 per person
£25 if attending CurlyWurlySunday



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Musicality & Technique

Dancing to Blues music

Wedding / first dance

Lady Lead / Fella Follow


Modern Jive dancing to fast swing music


Contact me for details on 07763 134026



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